Hunza Valley Road Map for Foreigners
1. Welcome to Hunza Valley
  • Nestled in the Karakoram Range, Hunza offers breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural experiences.
2. Getting Here
  • Arrival: Fly to Gilgit.
  • Onward Travel: Scenic road journey to Hunza.
3. Accommodation
  • Choose from a range of options: hotels, guesthouses, and homestays.
4. Explore Karimabad
  • Visit the historic town, Karimabad.
  • Explore Baltit Fort and Altit Fort for cultural insights.
5. Natural Wonders
  • Discover Attabad Lake’s turquoise beauty.
  • Marvel at the Passu Cones and cross the iconic Hussaini Suspension Bridge.
6. Adventure Awaits
  • Trek to Rakaposhi Base Camp for a thrilling adventure.
  • Explore various hiking trails.
7. Cultural Immersion
  • Engage with locals for a rich cultural experience.
  • Try traditional Hunza cuisine.
8. Best Times to Visit
  • Plan your visit based on preferred activities and weather.
9. Practical Tips
  • Respect local customs and traditions.
  • Take health precautions for high altitudes.
10. Currency and Connectivity
  • Know about local currency and ATM availability.
  • Stay connected with local SIM cards.
11. Language
  • Learn basic phrases in Burushaski or Wakhi for a more immersive experience.
12. Safety Measures
  • Follow safety guidelines for trekking and outdoor activities.
13. Enjoy Your Stay!
  • Embrace the unique charm and warmth of Hunza Valley.